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Our services keep your data out of harm's way.

Titanium Storage Services, LLC is a data storage company that provides backup data storage services for clients who are migrating data to the cloud. Our storage services back up and defend clients’ data against data breaches, data loss, cyberattacks, and other cybercrimes.

We offer secure data storage backup solutions to rural communities, municipalities, counties, and nonprofit organizations to ensure smooth cloud migrations.

Data Storage

Titanium Storage Services offers data backup and data recovery as data storage solutions. Our storage services keep your data safe and accessible even in cases of data breaches, data loss, ransomware, malware, phishing, or other cyberattacks.

Backup Coverage

Our backup services cover various data types and data technologies. Some of the technologies we support include master data management (MDM) tools and network-attached storage (NAS) devices.

Secure Data Backup Storage

We Do More Than Just Back Up to the Cloud.

When disruptions such as system failures, natural disasters, or cyberattacks occur, Titanium Storage Services is there to maintain the integrity and accessibility of your data. With a proven track record of success, our team of experts will help design the best backup strategy for a secure and scalable transition to the cloud.

Data Redundancy

Creating Copies of Your Critical Data

Organizations should create and maintain copies of critical data across multiple systems to protect against unexpected loss or cyberattacks, ensuring that all data can be accessed as needed.

With master data management (MDM), managers can maintain a master copy of redundant data. Using the MDM system drastically reduces the chances for data gaps, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies.

Data Resiliency

Keeping Your Data Accessible

Data resiliency requires strong organizational policies and procedures, including regular testing of backups, ensuring that data is properly classified and protected.

Our data resiliency services ensure your organization can recover data files from unexpected business disruptions, such as accidental deletion, corrupted servers, and cyberattacks.

Cloud Data Migration

Making the Cloud Work for You

Titanium Storage Services securely stores and protects data during the transition of your organization’s data, applications, and information technology (IT) assets to the cloud.

Partner with Titanium and take advantage of the flexibility we offer by securely accessing your data and applications from anywhere, at any time.

Secure Data Recovery Services

We Help You Recover Data After Attacks.

Titanium Storage Services provides the following defense services against ransomware and other cyberattacks:

  • Regular Data Backups

    Regular data backups are the most effective defense against cyberattacks. By backing up data regularly, files are consistently restored, and exposure to the risk of cyberattacks is drastically reduced.

  • Software Updates

    Ransomware and other cyberattacks exploit vulnerabilities in outdated software. Keeping operating systems, applications, and antivirus software up to date can help prevent attacks on important data.

  • Antivirus Software

    Antivirus software systems can detect known cyber or ransomware strains and stop attacks before they occur.

Titanium Storage Services helps recover your data after disasters. Our business continuity plan (BCP) maintains critical functions after emergencies or disruptions. These events can include security breaches, cyberattacks, natural disasters, equipment failures, or sudden employee departures.
Titanium Storage Services offers archive storage services for long-term retention and digital preservation. Our highly secure data archives protect and store important data that is not currently in use.
Backup Coverage

All Types of Data Can Be Covered.

While your data is stored with Titanium Storage Services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your information is always protected at the most secure level.

We provide secure data storage backup solutions to cover clients who use data-based technology systems such as master data management (MDM) processes and network-attached storage (NAS) devices.

Master Data Management

Master data management (MDM) is a set of processes, policies, and tools that organizations use to manage critical data assets. Titanium Storage Services establishes a single, authoritative source of master data by integrating and synchronizing redundant data, ensuring consistency and accuracy when protecting your data.

Network-Attached Storage

Network-attached storage (NAS) devices are convenient and cost-effective tools that provide custom centralized data storage and file sharing for multiple users and devices in your specific organization.

Who We Cover

Our Clients Are Completely Covered With Our Backup Solutions.


Rural Communities

As long as there is an internet connection in place, Titanium Storage Services has the ability to deliver top-of-the-line data storage wherever your organization may be located, no matter how remote.



Titanium Storage Services provides smaller municipalities with additional resources, like hands-on assistance and dedicated specialists, to keep data securely stored while the transition to the cloud is underway.



County governments need to be resilient, as they are likely targets for data breaches. The data resiliency services from Titanium Storage Services offer quick recovery from disruptions, power outages, and attacks.


Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations rely on sound data to drive strategic management decisions. Our solutions keep operations running smoothly by protecting vital data during the cloud transition.

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